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- Well, as a house, allowing you to have with you sometimes …. intimacy? – Said Leszek, and he himself was scared, he parasite, and not man. The boy, as if divining all his mood suddenly clung to him, hugged his neck and whispered fervently:
- I myself am not going to give you a break, I know how insatiable – he’s funny, childish began kissing him on the cheek.
- Wait, wait, strangle, so you agree?
- Granted, if I’m getting to it. Do not be afraid, I’m going to do at home and learn to become better – he, clinging to the body of Lesco, wanted to connect to it.
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Then came the turn of Lily. She passed out too suddenly. I had not even noticed she could drink. Sat talking to me, flirting full, and suddenly slammed his head on his desk, suddenly snorted.
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