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-No! No! No! – Shouted the leader .. – You can not do this! Kill the better!
-I’m offering you an easy death at night, – replied indifferently Zoryana. – You have chosen.
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One morning her group escaped several boys and after a long swim, two of them seriously got cold.
Nicholas Afanasevich gave her horrible dressing and when, after listening to his threats to expel her and slovenliness put on trial, she started to cry bitterly childish.
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I squeezed into a wall locker and pulled out a jar of Arabica, shook her a little, as it seemed to me easy and then opened. It was also empty, and only a few bits stuck to the bottom of.
- And here is empty – making a sour face, I said.
- I did not go to the store, and besides me there is no one to buy and – indignant mom.
I poured some boiling water into the jar and contents Loose, pour into a glass. Boiling water course in stained brownish color, but it was more like weak tea than coffee. I did not even go to my room and drank a few sips of coffee likeness, told her mother:
- Now I’ll go for coffee, may still need?
- No like – Mom said. Webcame seks. Continue Reading